The story of true love is what Mon Chéri is all about. We are a skincare line that brings you the essence of loving yourself from the inside out. To us, beauty is more than skin deep. It pulsates how we love being comfortable in our own skin naturally leads to a confidence in showing off all that is glorious about being ourselves. In essence, Mon Chéri is a brand that supports your etat d'esprit, so that you can show the world who you really are.

It is a French legacy to cherish natural beauty with passion and enthusiasm and this is Mon Chéri’s raison d'être, to encourage your natural beauty, which transcends time and place. It is the inclination to celebrate your own flair or je ne sais quoi, a certain captivation to stay true to self and to the best of your individual drum.

At Mon Chéri, accentuating your natural beauty and preserving the youthfulness of your skin is a gateway to appreciating what makes you unique as an individual. We take it a step further by educating each dividual through the time-honored fundamentals of basic skincare. This focus on self-acceptance is the best way to celebrate your genuine beauty. 

To us, beauty is more than skin-deep. It pulsates through the very heart of being comfortable in your own skin. After all, your skin is a reflection of your inner desires and you are a precious gift to those who love you. We at Mon Chéri believe in being the guide to channelling your true self. It is your love letter to the world.

Choose passion; choose life.

Mon Chéri.


Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Aspire to be the online market leader for skin care essentials through enriching experiences, whilst educating the importance of celebrating individuality through the fundamentals of basic skin care

To encourage the individual to love yourself from the inside out. The greatest gift that you can give yourself is love.

Core Values: