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Mon Cheri Lightener Review From Plus Size Kitten

Mon Cheri Lightener Review From Plus Size Kitten


brighten your day with Mon Cheri's Lightener
After coming back from Korea, I found a lovely surprise from the folks at Mon Cheri in my pox box. To find out what's Mon Cheri, refer to my introduction post here where I attended their launch in Malaysia (last year). It's a whitening product for the skin which gives a lightening effect after 4 weeks of use. It's been 4 weeks now so I am able to give my comment on this product after applying it twice a day - in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning. It's suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin. I did not experience any peeling or skin sensitivity after using this product, which just shows how gentle it is. Having said that, I know that this product will not be as effective as pharmaceutical whitening products which could be harsh for sensitive skin type.

Mon Cheri Lightener 30ml / RM160

About Mon Cheri's Lightener
A specially designed lightweight formula which uses a synergistic combination of peptides, niacinamides, plant extracts and natural lactate. These active ingredients were carefully chosen and formulated to tackle not only the already darkened skin complexion and irregularities in pigmentation, but also inhibit the signalling pathways involved in the melanin synthesis to decrease tyrosinase activity. This is the attractive feature of the lightener. Inhibition of melanin synthesis will lead to skin lightening effect, with improvement of photoaging marks and control of hyperpigmentation. It also uses advanced technology to encapsulate the active ingredients and increase absorption into the skin through lipid-lipid interactions.
How To Use:
Applying this formula onto the skin twice daily will help stimulate skin lightening effect for better and even complexion after only 4 weeks. The appearance of pigmented spots will reduce as well. Be amazed in 4 weeks!

The Product:
The quintessential packaging comes with a twist-and-lock cap which works as a pump. Made of plastic, it's outer casing is a glass illusion of well-kept formula waiting to be used. The calming salmon pink floral design on white background, so Mon Cheri.

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Lily Collection for Aging & Sun Damaged Skin

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