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Ultra Fluid Sunscreen - Your BFF, Every Day!

Summer is here, and the sun is shining. All that means is one thing: time for a holiday! We have some tips for staying protected from UV rays while you enjoy the sceneries and some fun in the sun. 

Delicious picnic food? ✅

A cute sundress? ✅ 

Sunscreen? ✅

Say hello to your new BFF—Mon Chéri's Ultra Fluid Sunscreen SPF50+PA++++, and now you're ready for some holiday fun!

It's a must-have in your bag so you can keep your skin protected, hydrated, and soothed as you enjoy your day!

Here's how the Ultra Fluid Sunscreen can benefit you:

☀️ Protects your skin from UVA, UVB & Blue Light (HEV)

☀️ Has anti-aging properties

☀️ Delays photoaging

☀️ Will keep your skin hydrated

☀️ Smoothens your skin

☀️ Has a super light texture

☀️ Is non-oily

☀️ Is non-sticky

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