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Mon Chéri x Meeco - Bundle Number 1

Mon Chéri x Meeco - Bundle Number 1

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1x Mon Cheri Spray sanitizer with 75% alcohol (250ml) + 1x D'MOS Disinfectant Spray (250ml) Bundle Price RM38 (worth RM39.90)

D'mos Alcohol Free Disinfectant Spray is an antibacterial surface cleaner which helps to prevent germs from spreading. With regular daily use, it kills 99% of harmful bacteria. It is also safe to use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol.

Mon Chéri Hand Sanitizer Spray with 75% alcohol (250ml) is suitable for those with a more active lifestyle. Perhaps you just want to spritz larger surface areas other than just your hands, like doorknobs, chairs and tables.

It contains 75% alcohol, enough to guarantee your skin 99.99% that it will be germ-free, and is without triclosan (unrecognized as effective and safe by FDA). Also, it moisturises your hands at the same time. This antibacterial liquid will surely ensure your skin a fresh and clean feel, without leaving behind a sticky layer.

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