When it comes to values, MON CHÉRI believes in the true core of being loved and to love. Learning to love and cherish yourself is the most important prescription for inspiration and also the driving force for originality. 

Although the sky is the limit when it comes to beauty, MON CHÉRI believes that it is important to learn to be loved for our natural beauty, purity and confidence.

For MON CHÉRI, it is essential to have self-acceptance and to love who you are as a person. It is also equally important to understand the essential ways of acquiring timeless natural beauty through the basic skincare routine.

MON CHÉRI is all about embracing your aesthetics because there is beauty in everything that we see. It is exactly that unique flair that makes us beautiful, natural and defines who we are as a unique individual.

MON CHÉRI practices the responsibility and values of exploring who we are as an individual and feeling contented in one’s skin by turning one’s flaws into something flawless.